Brian Horne by Mathew Horne



The ref added minutes

So that I definitely won.

No matter how many

It had to be done;

A birthday disaster

If that goal wasn’t scored

A tantrum, hysteria

Names would’ve been called.

That day was my day

And I had to be winner

As ref you controlled

You were just a beginner

You in collusion

To make my day special

Captain of the glory!

Hold the precious metal.

I sort of knew then

And certainly know now

You broke the rules

Added minutes

So my day, I was proud.

A memory I treasure

One I’ve always had

You made my day and me

The ref was my Dad.

(Mathew Horne is an actor and writer from Nottingham. He supports Tottenham Hotspur and plays Badminton.)

(Brian Horne is a retired Lace Factory Manager. An avid Elvis Presley fanatic and supporter of Notts County FC. He lives in Nottingham with his wife and son)