Hustlers University – Is it a Scam?

who owns hustlers university

Who owns hustlers university  or HU, is an online educational platform that claims to teach people how to make money. Founded by social media influencer Andrew Tate, the website charges over $4,400 per person for full access to its courses. According to blockchain analytics company Elliptic, HU has received over $2.5 million in crypto payments so far.

The program is said to help people build successful businesses, including e-commerce sites and drop-shipping. The site also has a course on copywriting that helps entrepreneurs craft persuasive marketing materials. The most popular course teaches how to create a “killer funnel,” or an email sequence designed to convert prospective customers into paying clients.

Unveiling the Brains Behind Hustlers University: Who Owns It

While some hu reviews say the program is helpful, others call it a scam. The skepticism isn’t surprising considering Tate has been accused of fraud in the past. He’s also been banned from social media platforms for triggering violence and racism, as well as for posting videos of himself whipping women.

Several people have reported that they’ve lost money with the program. Those who try to cancel their membership are often ridiculed and insulted by support staff, BuzzFeed News reports. One member was even told to “be ashamed” of themselves.

Despite the criticism, many hu students remain loyal to Tate and his programs. Some of them even post photos of their alleged financial gains on their Instagram accounts, claiming that the program taught them how to make money through cryptocurrency investment and other activities.