Yoga Teacher Training Goa – 500 Hours

yoga teacher training goa

If you’re serious about becoming a yoga teacher, or even just want to deepen your practice and get to know yourself better, then yoga teacher training goa  is the right choice for you. This is the highest-level qualification you can receive and it will guarantee your status as a certified yoga teacher around the world. Having this certification will allow you to use the RYT designation after your name on all your marketing materials and websites, which will make it easier for potential students to find you.

During this course you will immerse yourself in the Ashtanga primary series of poses and learn how to teach from there. You will develop a strong foundation of alignment techniques and understand how to safely guide multi level students. In addition you will study the Eight Limbs of Yogic Philosophy and learn to weave this into your life. You will also participate in daily chanting and meditation to provide spiritual structure to the more physical aspects of this training.

From Asana to Certification: The Journey of Yoga Teacher Training in Goa

All Yoga limits the size of its teacher trainings to a maximum of 20-22 students, which allows for more personalized attention and guidance for each student. Most of our teachers are highly experienced and have been teaching yoga for decades, as well as having studied under many eminent yogis including BNS Iyengar, S.K Pattabhi Jois and BKS Iyengar, which is why they have developed their own unique style of teaching. They bring these facets to their yoga teacher trainings and help students discover their own approach to the practice.