BlazePod – A Cheaper Alternative?

Blazepod cheaper alternative training system that uses mesmerizing LED pods that emit vibrant colors to stimulate your workout. It is a wireless system that requires no cords and can be used indoors or outdoors – the gear is water-resistant and UV protected. The BlazePod app connects to the pods to activate them and then provides a number of predefined activities, tests, competitions and drills designed by professional trainers. You can filter by the area of your workout that you want to focus on so the app will only show activities that train your decision making, core or any other category of your choice.

Dynamic Training on a Dime: Affordable Alternatives to BlazePod for Fitness Enthusiasts

The pods are very portable as they are lightweight and stack together. The kit also comes with a carrying bag to make transport easy and safe. There are a number of accessories that can be purchased including adapters that allow the lights to attach to walls, cones and mirrors as well as straps for use on bars, kick bags or goal posts.

There are other systems similar to blazepod that have come onto the market in recent times but most of these have very limited functions, are too bulky or cannot be attached to anything. Some of them are very expensive and others are simply not very practical for home use or in physiotherapy, fitness or sports training sessions. The BlazePod is unique in that it unequivocally improves reaction time and agility for all levels of athletes, fitness enthusiasts, children, seniors and a variety of other applications.