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Tips for a Stable Fast Android Internet Connection | Cellular network problems may already be commonplace for us Indonesians. That is why the internet connection is disconnected itself on Android is often the subject of news media news and forums. This problem is suspected by many parties because the network infrastructure is "expensive" to be built because of Indonesia's vast geographic contour and consists of many mountains and islands separated by the sea. How to speed up the android internet is also often sought

Tips on Cheap and Fast Anti Stable and Fast Android Internet Networks

However, that does not mean we can not deal with this unstable signal problem. Android smartphones do not always run optimally, sometimes you have to do something to restore optimal performance. If you are tortured because of a slow internet connection there are several ways to speed up the android internet. With a few changes to the settings on Android, my friend can enjoy a smoother, more stable and faster internet connection. Here are some tips from WebKeren.Net so that your android internet connection can be fast and stable without rooting and or third-party applications.

1. Use the Best Provider

The most important step to accelerate the Android internet connection so that the Android Internet Fast is certainly an internet service provider (internet service provider / ISP). The wrong choice of provider directly causes a slow internet connection, intermittent, even costing a large credit. Indeed all GSM providers already have 3G mobile broadband technology, but they do not cover 100 percent of Indonesia.

2. Choose the Right Data Connection

Usually there are 3 choices (android 3G) and 4 choices (android 4G) in android internet network mode, namely Auto (automatically chooses 3G or GSM), 3G / WCDMA Only, and GSM. By default (factory settings) your android smartphone is set to auto, which makes the cell phone switch between GSM and 3G automatically. but changing internet connections, for example from 3G networks to 2G networks, 4G to 2G, and others make the internet connection unstable.

For that, try the test to use one of the available connection types. If you have a 4G LTE handset then make sure it's turned on. Meanwhile, if your cellphone with a 3G connection, make sure to activate it other than GSM or CDMA (WCDMA is another name for 3G). In other words, prioritizing 3G (for 3G phones), if it's not stable then use GSM or GPRS. Friend must test it from the strongest (3G) and if it is not stable then lower it to a lower speed. Each change in connection type can take up to 30 seconds or more, so be patient and monitor connectivity at the top of the device.

Internet network connections vary between regions and between providers, so it might be best for you to have a 2G / GSM network if HSDPA / 3G or 4G is unstable / android internet often breaks or even android internet doesn't connect, and the settings go back to being able to access data.

Networks that always move between 4G to 3G to GSM make the battery wasteful and the speed gain gained is not too large.

The trick is to go to settings >> mobile data >> mobile networks >> network mode >> select WCDMA Only or GSM only (for 3G) or select 4G (for 4G) according to a stable network in your area. How to set up this network is different for each smartphone, my friend can try it yourself to set it up for the Fast Android Internet.

3. Add a Wifi Router

For those of you who have lots of gadgets, tablets and several computers or laptops, buy a wifi router or mifi modem to be able to use one internet connection for all devices that you have. Android can, indeedshare internet network owned through features mobile hotspot which you can access in the settings menu. But with this feature, your battery will quickly drain and Android will get hot, which is feared to shorten the battery's life and even the age of your cell phone.

With a wifi router or mifi modem, whatever provider and network you choose, all devices can be connected using only one internet network. Wifi router or mifi modem so that fast android internet has been sold in the market, and how to install it is also easy, even for IT blind people.

But for my friends who only subscribe to minimal quota or unlimited packages / packages without quota whose speed is small, it is recommended not to connect many devices because it will make the internet speed slow.

4. Make room for RAM

Random Access memory (RAM) is one of the android hardware that is very influential on your android's overall performance.

If your phone's RAM is limited, you should close all applications after you use it. RAM usage can generally be checked by pressing the home button for a long time. After appearing task manager which brings up all running applications, select clear all to close all of them. Or you can go to the settings menu >> apps >> running >> select the application you want to close >> select Stop. This will more or less speed up the android internet

5. Clean the Application Cache

Other applications and services are slowly building a cache, which over time can take up valuable android system resources. If my friend has been using Android phones for months, it is possible that the cache of some applications has reached several megabytes.

To ease the work again and speed up the android internet, my friend can clean the cache manually one by one or mass / at the same time using the application.

To clear the cache manually one by one, enter Settings and then select Applications. Select applications that you use frequently, such as your browser or news reader, and look for the Clear Cache option. Do this for all the applications you use most often. If you want to do everything at once, you can download a cleaning application like App Cache Cleaner, which has the option to clear the cache of all applications.

6. Choose the Right Browser

In addition to the default browser, there are many android browser options available on the Google Play Store. The browser selection greatly affects the speed and comfort of my friend when browsing using Android. Some browser features help speed up android internet and even save internet quota data. To determine the right browser choice and in accordance with your character, also read the Best and Fastest Android Browser Application.

7. Optimize the browser

The right browser is not enough, because over time the browser will usually be slow and inclined force close. To make browser performance stay fast, lightweight and optimal, you have to manually and periodically delete it history and cache Android browser so that the Android internet is fast again. Because the way is different for each browser, you can enter the browser settings menu that you use and look for the delete menu history and cache.

If you use the browser only to read and read text, and are not bothered by the absence of images in the article, you can activate the "text only" mode in the browser. So the browser won'tloaded image and it speeds up browsing with the android internet.

8. Deactivate, Remove or Uninstall Unused Applications and Widgets

Most applications and widgets that do not burden android performance, but some consume a lot of data space along with a continuous internet connection running in the background. The first step that is easy to do but has a big impact is to remove the widget from the homescreen when not in use. The trick, press and hold on the widget and slide to the Remove icon at the top of the screen. It will not delete / uninstall the widget, just delete it from the homescreen and make it inactive.

To completely uninstall / uninstall an application, you must enter the Application menu, which varies by device. Sometimes just by pressing and holding, but usually by pressing the menu button and press either Edit or Delete Application. However, the bloatware application or the default application of Google and your phone manufacturer usually can not be removed. And to do this, you have to root your mobile first.

Similarly, some Tips to Accelerate Android Internet and make the android internet more stable that WebKeren.Net can convey. Hopefully tips or ways to speed up your internet connection on Android can facilitate your activities with a fast and stable internet connection. Also read the Application article to Accelerate Android Internet for a more optimal internet connection.

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