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As you know, Google calls the Android operating system in alphabetical order. It starts with Android Cupcake, then Donut, Eclair, Froyo, Gingerbread, Honeycomb, Sandwidch Ice Cream, Jelly Bean, KitKat, and finally Lollipop. Then of course the name Android 6.0 will begin with the letter M. But the official naming of Android 6.0 is still a mystery, no one has a definite answer.

The Mystery of Naming Android 6.0 M
Illustration of the Naming Mystery of Android 6.0 M

Guess the mangosteen fruit has indeed become a kind of tradition, and often wrong. For example, when people call Key Lime Pie, Google chooses Kitkat, as does Lemon Meringue Pie, which turns out to be named Lollipop.

In fact, Google has released the Android M developer preview version on Google I / O May 29, 2015 last. Had many predicted that it would later be named Milkshake, because at that time VP engineering, Google Dave Burke wore a smartwatch using a milkshake background. However, this issue was immediately denied by Burke through his personal Twitter account.

In addition to Milkshake, here are a list of names that will be predicted to be used by Google for Android 6.0.

  1. Marshmallow, is a chewy candy that is popular in the United States
  2. Muffins, cakes similar to this cupcake are British specialties and were born in Victorian times, but are also loved by many in America.
  3. M & M's, you know, this little chocolate candy.
  4. Mars, not the name of the planet, but a popular snack in the United States
  5. Milky Way, also a popular snack in the United States
  6. Macaroon. Of course my friend knows macaroni right?
  7. MNC (Macadamia Nut Cookie). As the name suggests, this is a cake made from beans. This name often appears on the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) and the Android Police site that claims to get leaks from Google internal.
  8. Martabak. Yes, if you are a genuine Indonesian, you would already know this one. This name was sparked by journalists detik inet. Besides Martabak, which comes from Indonesia is Mocha Java Cake.

According to the results of the Phone Arena poll on May 4, which was attended by 2376 people, it was found that the most popular was Android Marshmallow (28.37%), followed by muffins (25.25%). While the other 8.63% of the votes voted for Milkshakes, 8.21% Milky Way, 8.12% M&M, and 4.59% for Macaroon. The most unpopular are Mocha Java Cake (1.05%), and finally Android Molasses (0.17%). Meanwhile, 5.51% said they prefer other names.

Judging from the great desire of Google to bring Android to the work environment, WebKeren.Net thinks it will be related to food that is identical to the corporation. Android M release schedule is in Q3 (around October) 2015. What is the name that will be used by Google for Android 6.0 according to your prediction?

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