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As many people hope, this photo gallery application made by Google on Android M provides sharing and storage services supported by Google. Google Photos evolved into a standalone application that provides unlimited photo and video storage.

Google added a new Google Photos service. Where previously it was part of Google+ Photos, Google Photos is now independent as a photo and video storage application and sharing service that provides unlimited free storage of up to 16 MP photos and a very impressive 1080p video.

The Google Photos service provides high-quality version of photo and film compression support, but does not store anything on the device, so you can search through thousands of photos at high speed and without making lags on the device due to the large photo files.

New Google Photos feature on Android M
Google launches Google Photos in the 2015 I / O developer conference. Image ©

Popular features such as Auto-Enchance and Story are key highlights, accessible through the new Assistant feature, which will automatically suggest creative use of photos and video recordings. Through a simple pinch gesture you can view photos with tile mode for a particular day, week, month or even years and then zoom right back at any point you like.

Google Photos is also strong in the search features, as you would expect. You can search by people, places, things and types, all of which are automatically created, and you can browse in each category to see, for example, every photo you have of a certain person, all without needing to mark it.

Sharing is also easy. You don't even need to have contacts in the Google Photos application. You can only share links that make people who are shared can see in Chrome. If they log in they can easily download the entire album in seconds.

What do you think about this new Google Photos feature on Android M? Fun or annoying?

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