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Google Now has been improved again on Android M with a focus on three key areas: being aware of different contexts, providing answers and helping to take action. In short, Google Now on Android M is smarter than before.

Google Now is smarter on Android M
Photo via Logan / Wikimedia Commons (CC BY SA 3.0)

Google Now has the ability to understand the context of more than 100 million different places, so when you ask '' How far is it? Google Now knows exactly what you mean. This capability is extended by the Google Knowledge Graph, which is able to understand more than one billion different entities, from sports teams, match scores, Gasoline POMs, TV shows, and others.

"Google Now on Tap"Can provide relevant content even without leaving the application.
Google Now also launched a pilot program called "Now on Tap" with 100 popular applications. Now on Tap gives Google right Now-like content where you are, without having to leave the application you're currently running. So if you are on Spotify and say "Ok Google, what is your real name?" Now on Tap will know you are talking about the musician you are listening to and giving the search results.

The same applies to content in e-mail. If someone asks you about a restaurant and forgot something on the way home, Now on Tap can automatically show restaurant cards complete with Maps, Yelp, OpenTable and dialer info, and offers to set reminders for anything that you don't want to forget.

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What do you think about Google Now, which is smarter on Android M? Smart right?


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