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Google has introduced the latest RAM (Random Access Memory) manager for Android M, which aims to provide more accurate and easily understood information about maximum RAM usage and average application. With this more informative RAM Manager, Android M users have complete control over their gadgets.

The Ram Manager menu can be found in Settings >> Applications >> Options (three-point button) >> Advanced >> Memory. Although it is rather difficult to access it, this page offers much clearer information about the application's need to run, and the overall effect of the application on an android device.

By reading the RAM consumption of an application individually, as well as how often it runs in the background, you will be able to better determine which applications should be removed to maintain device performance and battery life.

Which in other words, users have full control of all android software, because the way to optimize the speed of performance and battery life is left in the hands of users that are tailored to their respective conditions and needs.

Android M does not just release optimization on the user. Suggestions are given by loading a simple bar at the top of the page that displays the performance status of the handset; if it says "good performance"(Good performance), means your smartphone is running applications efficiently.

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