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The most interesting aspects of Android M are Auto Backup and Restore for Android Apps. This new feature makes the process of installing applications easier and faster on Android M. This feature will be used in conjunction with Google Drive to automatically backup existing data on applications and settings with a maximum file size of 25MB.

On Android M, Install Applications Easier and Faster
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If you happen to change a lot of things on an Android smartphone, or delete devices with security wipes often enough, or change handsets frequently, maybe you know that the backup and re-setup process on Android versions before Android M is very annoying. Because it takes a lot of time and sometimes there are things that are forgotten about the previous application settings.

On Android M, my friend will not be bothered with resetting it, because Android M has brought the application data backup feature and application settings preferences to the Google Drive service automatically. And will also automatically restore / restore the application settings after reinstalling.

Because Google wants to "ensure a good experience" for those who make mobile settings more regularly than others, all this behind the scenes miracles will happen without the work of users or developers.

Android M will regularly and automatically backup data every day if your smartphone is in 3 conditions; connected to wifi, being recharged, and not used. Interestingly, the data uploaded is encrypted and also does not count towards the Google Drive storage quota. That way, you don't need to think about the increasingly crowded Google Drive space.

Obviously this feature makes it easier for you when you lose a device or delete an application. All applications will return to normal when you install it. Like for example a game that you have played to a certain level does not need to be repeated because it will be restored automatically. Auto Backup and Restore for this Application even runs on applications that are installed or obtained through application stores other than Google Play Store.

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