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Android application for BPJS Health Insurance Participants: BPJS Health Mobile | BPJS Kesehatan (Health Social Security Organizing Agency) which was inaugurated on December 31, 2013 and started operating since January 1, 2014 plays an important role in the social welfare of the Indonesian people. Because health is a basic need in people's lives.

Important Android Application for BPJS Health Insurance Participants
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With the protection of citizens' health guaranteed by the government, linearly improving the standard of living of the people. Because the cost of health when sick is not small, which can make even non-poor people become poor because they pay high hospital costs and tend to be expensive.

The presence of the BPJS Mobile Health Android Application, BPJS participants who in fact are all Indonesian people is certainly very useful (although when tried often force close). Through this application, participants can access various information related to the National Health Insurance (JKN) program organized by BPJS Health quickly and easily, wherever and whenever you want to use it. This application can be downloaded for free on the Google Play Store.

Before discussing about this application, it's good friends who don't know what BPJS Health is listening to the following brief explanation:

About BPJS Health

As published in Wikipedia Indonesia, BPJS Health is a State-Owned Enterprise (BUMN) that has been assigned specifically by the government to provide health care guarantees for all Indonesian people. BUMN based on Law no. 24 of 2011 concerning this BPJS (together with BPJS Employment / previously Social Security) is a government program in JKN unity.

BPJS Health is not actually established from scratch, but is a change from Askes (Health Insurance) managed by PT Askes Indonesia (Persero). In that sense, the membership of Askes, which previously only included Civil Servants (PNS) and TNI / POLRI, Retired PNS and TNI / POLRI, Veterans, Pioneer of Independence and their families and other business entities, was later expanded to become all Indonesian citizens with a change to BPJS Health .

BPJS Health membership is not automatic. To become a BPJS participant, you have to register yourself at the nearest BPJS office. Buddy also has to pay a sum of money as a premium every month in accordance with the type of Health BPJS chosen. However, for people who are unable to register for free and without premiums with a number of specific requirements that you can ask yourselves to BPJS Health (because it can change at any time).

Regarding the use of its services, many media have reported that there are changes. If in the beginning, if you made BPJS Health you can directly use it, or even in many sick cases you used to register for BPJS Health, now this is not the case. New BPJS Health Cards can be used 2 weeks after registration.

BPJS Health Mobile application for Android

In the description of the BPJS Health Mobile application, it is explained that the development of the BPJS Health Mobile application is a proof of BPJS Health's commitment to providing optimal access and services for participants.

In the version 2.1 update on May 17, 2015, there were several changes, namely; Bug fixes on the registration menu and server redirection for some features to increase access speed. The application which is very small and lightweight (695kb) has been installed by more than 50,000 android users.

To use it, you must have an Android smartphone version 3.0 and above. When you first use the application you are asked to enter the number of the Population Identity Card (KTP) / also called the Population Registration Number (NIK), BPJS Health Card Number and Date of Birth. If the data is valid, a notification will appear that the registration was successful. The menu list can be accessed by clicking the application icon in the upper left corner, while for Live Chat, click the icon in the upper right corner.

This application is highly recommended for BPJS Health participants because it has a myriad of very useful features below.

BPJS Health Mobile Application Features

  1. View User membership profile data
  2. Search for membership data via card number or NIK
  3. Search for the location of Health Facilities (health facilities) and display the map
  4. Search for information about fees and arrears
  5. Assessing satisfaction (survey) of BPJS Health services and health facilities that are collaborating with BPJS Health
  6. Search for information related to JKN and BPJS Health
  7. Receive notifications / announcements from BPJS Health
  8. Live Chat feature to ask the application technician directly about BPJS Health services

Thus the article WebKeren.Net about an important Android application installed by the Participants of BPJS Health Insurance Participants. Hopefully it can help you to take advantage of all the features of BPJS Health Insurance services.

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