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How to Choose the Best Internet Provider | A cheap, fast and stable internet connection is definitely wanted by internet users all over the world. However, many media said that our beloved country Indonesia was ranked eighth the slowest alias slow internet in the world.

Though now the internet is used by all levels of society; teachers and lecturers to teach, entrepreneurs to check price updates of goods and the rupiah exchange rate with dollars, small entrepreneurs to open online businesses (either small or with their own website), bloggers to make money through blogs, mothers looking for recipes, students to explore the subject matter, fakir love looking for a crush, and many other activities.

How to Choose the Best Internet Provider: Cheap, Fast, Stable
Choosing the Best Internet Provider: Cheap, Fast, Stable

Internet connection problems are an obstacle for many people to develop. But for those of us who are always optimistic, this is also a challenge for smartphone users, both Android, IOS, Blackberry and other mobile operating systems to be able to get a smooth and reliable internet connection.

Because indeed almost all smartphone functions rely on an internet connection, smartphones without the internet will be useless. Social media features, chat, blogging, browsing, and others can not be run perfectly. Connectivity that is disconnected can even get rid of your friends who sell online, thwart the singles plan to chase the ideal girl, or it can also be a lovable couple who broke up just because of interrupted communication.

Actually, an internet connection in Indonesia is arguably good. In a sense, if you want to spend a little deeper or want to move to urban areas (especially Jakarta), you can get a connection that reaches tens of Mbps with 4G connections on GSM or EVDO Rev.B on CDMA.

However, what about those who live in rural areas and have mediocre funds for internet fees? For this reason, WebKeren.Net writes Tips for Choosing the Best Internet Provider: Cheap, Fast, Stable that can be done with the following steps.

1. Collect Information from Neighbors

Asking the neighbors of the house is very appropriate to get a direct review from users in your area. This is to find out the stability of the internet connection, because internet services in one region are always different from other regions, even though they are just different RTs.

The first thing you need to make sure is the signal strength, be it GSM 2G, Edge, 3G / HSDPA, Evdo Rev A or B, or 4G. Because it's useless you have a quota (or unlimited internet on unlimited packages) if you don't have a signal at your location. After the signal strength, then my friend can consider price competition between providers.

2. Determine Internet Costs and Data Needs

Although the cost of the internet is not always directly proportional to the speed and stability, determining the cost of a "capable" buddy to spend will narrow down the choice of connection type. In addition, the costs are in line with the data needs, how much data do you need, for example, every month. Because it will affect the internet service that you will choose.

For example, my friend does not always need an internet connection because at work already available. That way monthly internet subscription is a waste, and maybe choosing a daily package from a mobile internet provider is more appropriate to be chosen.

3. If Cost Is Not an Obstacle, consider Cable Internet

Until now, cable network connectivity can be relied upon in all situations, whether rain, heat or strong winds. Try to find out what cable networks can get to your place and compare the costs with the facilities (internet speed and quota) that you get. However, when viewed from the cost of a cable internet connection it is still quite expensive.

4. Choose the Right Cellular Provider

If you have minimal costs, use a cellular network. Because usually both GSM and CDMA cellular operators often provide cheap internet promos. Especially now operators are competing to bring 4G mobile internet connection services which of course speed up internet connections. In addition, mobile internet is also very appropriate also for androids, my mobile friends.

Expand knowledge about service providers through the official website, by googling, or through forums. Because the cost and subscription facilities for mobile providers change very quickly.

5. Want Fast? Choose a quota-based package!

Quota-based internet packages usually offer high speeds. Because with simple logic, of course the provider wants your quota to run out quickly and buy additional data packages again, so they get a big profit.

For friends who choose the quota package, please always be careful because the "danger of draining pulses" is always lurking! Not a few users of quota-based services who complain because their pulses are drained drastically when the quota runs out.

6. Don't want to concede? Choose unlimited package!

Afraid of being broken and pulses drained? Choose the unlimited package service that suits your needs. This unlimited package does not "unlimited real"Because quota and surfing speed restrictions are usually also applied. However, with this package you are not worried about running out of quota and are more relaxed when using the internet.

So few Ways to Choose a Stable Fast Internet Provider from WebKeren.Net. What do you think buddy? If you want to add, please type in the comments column below. Also read the WebKeren.Net article about Tips on Saving Internet Quota so that your internet costs won't swell. Hopefully it is useful for you who are choosing the best internet provider in Indonesia.

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