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Tips for Caring for a Memory Card To Be Durable | Micro SD card external smartphone memory is an important part of your Android phone. Especially for my friend who uses internal memory as a location to store important data, whether in the form of photos, music files, or document files.

For that, the memory card needs to be maintained so that it is durable, not easily damaged, and the data remains protected. Because even though the price of micro SD with high speed and large capacity features is getting cheaper, the data contained in the SD card may not be replaced with the rupiah.

This article will describe some of the suggestions or tips that modifies from
Belfot about how to care for a memory card so that it can last longer, last longer, good performance, and the data in it can be maintained.

Tips for Caring for a Memory Card To Be Durable
Tips for Caring for Memory Cards So Durable | Image ©

1. Don't Put it in a Wallet (especially for men)

These are serious tips, not kidding! The point is not to put Micro SD in the wallet (specifically for those who put the wallet in the back pocket of pants) and not wear it. That is, do not put it in this wallet is like the literal meaning, for example, my friend has 2 micro SD cards, 1 micro SD card installed on the cell phone, while the only one who is "unemployed" do not put it in the wallet.

Pressure on the micro SD card caused by being "occupied" because it is stored in the back pocket of pants will physically damage. These tips come purely from the WebKeren.Net experience, which has been damaged a number of times because it is stored in a wallet. As a suggestion, you can save it on a special micro SD Card storage that is now rife for sale. Or as an alternative, my friend can put it in a wallet, pencil case, or other, but always remember to never sit on it.

2. OS update

Every operating system update (operating system / os) will definitely solve the problem (bug) that existed on the previous OS; improve function; increase data transfer speeds, and more. Maybe the update presents new features that can keep your smartphone's memory card durable. To do it is also quite easy, on most cellphones the same way (or maybe also different), namely by going to the settings menu >> About >> Version. If there is an upgrade notification, do it (preferably when connected to wifi because it will take a large quota).

3 Unmounted SD Card when removing / removing the external SD card!

Although (as is also the case with the flash) removing the storage media "by force" does not necessarily damage the SD card, preferably when removing the micro SD do unmounted first or the most common way is to turn off the android smartphone first. To do unmounted, entered into setting >> storage >> choose unmounted SD Card

4. Format the smartphone

Formatting the memory card will erase and reset the storage space. Where the process of rearranging data blocks on memoti cards can differ between smartphones, digital cameras, and PCs. so, to get the most out of the formatting process you should format the memory card on a smartphone, not on a computer.

To format directly on an android smartphone, go to setting >> storage >> choose Erase SD Card

To maintain the performance of the mico sd card, always format the memory if you move all files from the smartphone to the computer. And try not to exchange / use memory cards on different phones. Because in the opinion of many people, the transfer of memory cards alternately between several devices can result in damaged data or malfunctions.

5. Don't Use a cheap card reader!

Better to plug the phone directly into a computer with a micro SD USB. A bad card reader can cause uneven brass plate connections which cause excessive heat and in many cases cause the memory card to burn and damage.

6. If exposed to water, wait until it is dry

Sometimes when released from mobile phones or being stored because they are not used, the memory card is exposed to water and even washed! No need to worry too much, because in most cases the memory card can still be used. But to avoid risk, don't use it right away because there might still be a little water in it. Dry it first until it is completely dry (for example, put it in front of the fan, but avoid drying with heat because it is feared that it actually damages the components in the memory card) and if necessary let stand one to three days before reuse

Two memory cards are better than one

When comparing the costs, the price of one large capacity card is cheaper than two cards that have the same total capacity. However, by having 2 memory cards, the data will be better protected. Because when one micro SD is damaged, then the data on one other micro SD can be saved. With a note storage of memory cards that are not used properly.

7. Don't Leave the Card Memory Full

If your memory card is full, then your android gadget will give notification. It is better to immediately copy some or all of the data to your pc. Data tightness causes you to not be able to store anymore in external memory. It also increases the risk of a corrupted card or corrupt data.

8. Use alternately in a balanced way

If you have multiple memory cards, use them alternately. Because theoretically the time period and workload is directly proportional to the age. By using it equally, automatically the age of the memory card will not be much different.

9. Use Recovery Software if Data Is Erased

Do not burn emotions by hastily discarding a damaged memory card or the data in it is lost. "Branded" memory cards usually provide recovery software to recover deleted photos. The plan is Webkeren.Net will also discuss about how to restore deleted data from a memory card.

Those are some tips on caring for a memory card so that it lasts and your important data is protected. Hopefully it is useful for my friend who wants to keep the memory card performance remains optimal and durable.

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