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After creating an article How to Redirect URL to a New Blog Without Losing Traffic, there is a question from my friend + Riska Handayani smart, which is how to move traffic on Google Webmaster too. Maybe many of you who already know, but it's okay to discuss here because the way is very easy, and very fast.

To make the process of "moving" the blog address perfectly, we also need to notify the google webmaster so that in the google search is also carried out the transfer from the old blog address to the new blog.

Previously, it should also be explained that WebKeren.Net does not / do not yet have sufficient knowledge whether this will interfere with the already running adsense or not. The WebKeren.Net knows, if your new friend will register adsense, the new blog will not be accepted. Because Google considers the site / web / blog that we are just the recipient of the feed from the old blog. To be accepted as a Google Adsense partner, you have to wait until the traffic redirection by the Google search is complete, and no one knows how long the process will take (approximately 1 to 3 months if the article is hundreds).
Alright, to get to the point, here are 3 steps you need to do to a webmaster if you want to move your blog content to a new address.

  1. Register a new Blog to Webmaster. Read the full method on How to Register and Verify on Google Webmaster
  2. In the old Blog, do a change of address. How, on the old blog webmaster dashboard, press Settings Moving Blog Addresses on Google Webmaster in the upper-right corner of the screen >> then select "Change of Address" >> You will enter the page to change the address on Webmaster. In step 1, select the new blog address (Pick your new site from the list) >> in the second step, click Check (after the blog has been redirected by redirecting the URL to the new blog without losing the third traffic) >> In the third step select Verify> > finally, click submit at the fourth stage.
  3. Done

That's the short article about WebKeren.Net How to Move a Blog Address on Google Webmaster. If there are questions, complaints, stories of success or anything to say, just fill in the comments below. Thank you for reading this messy article.

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