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Photographic Techniques of Photographing Children and Babies for the Best Results | Photographic techniques or ways to photograph children and babies is not completely unimportant, but pay attention to this without missing out on all the child's developmental moments. Because with the right photo taking techniques, the meaning of the story behind the photo will be more alive and the quality of the image will be better later.

For that reason, after the article 4 Best Tips for Photos of Children and Babies to be Remembered Forever, now WebKeren.Net will continue by discussing Photographic Techniques of Photographing Children and Babies for the Best Results.

If you use a cellphone camera, also read the article entitled "Welcome to the Smartphone Photography Era! ”In the form of reading recommendations that need to be listened to.

Photographic Techniques of Photographing Children and Babies for the Best Results
Photography Techniques Best Photograph Children and Babies | Image © Pixabay

Although primarily intended to take photos that result in the form of images, in fact these tips are not only for taking photos, but also for taking video footage of children's activities. So, my friend can also use it as a suggestion if you want to make a video clip of encouraging children's behavior.

Here are a few simple tips for photographing children from the writings of Edward Suhadi (Indonesian photographer specializing in family photos that can be found at,, and other sources that have WebKeren.Net "modification" adapted to the experience and intended for all who want to take photos of babies and young children.

1. Learn the Camera

As discussed more fully in 4 Preparing for the Best Quality Photos with a Mobile Camera, learn all the features and how to operate the camera. Don't hesitate to googling, read the manual included in the camera box, or ask someone else if you don't understand.

2. Pay attention to the appearance of the child

Friend certainly does not want to produce photos of children with "ugly clothes" and "dull-looking". For this reason, invite children to take a shower and wear the best clothes before taking pictures.

If necessary, buy some "superhero" costumes or animated characters that kids love. In addition to making children look good, costumes can also improve children's good mood. For girls, wear accessories such as rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, headbands, or princess crowns to beautify them. Even better if you also provide "property" to complete the photo shoot. Like for example wall stickers, bicycles, musical instruments, and others.

Makeup the child with baby powder in proportion is also good to make her face brighter. In addition, keep the child from getting dull by wiping the child sweating every time he shoots.

3. Select the Shooting Place

The place of photographing certainly affects the results of the photo. Because the place will later become the background of the photo. Going to the zoo, the mountains, or where children play, you need to consider getting a good background.

4. Photos when the child's mood is good

Drowsiness or hunger in children will make them emotional. Unless you really want to capture an overflowing child's emotional portrait, it's best to let the child eat / drink milk and get enough sleep before taking a picture. The condition is not hungry and has enough sleep to make his mood to be good for photos.

5. Optimize Sunlight

Photograph children in the room, although it has been helped by bright lights and some flashes equipped with reflectors sometimes still lacking to make good lighting. Besides that, the color quality and photo character will be better with the natural sunlight.

However, avoid direct sunlight. Because the sun will cause the child to sweat, frowning, squinting, and shadows appear not good.

For that, try to take pictures of children near the window or door. Or take it out and take pictures outside the room but still shady and avoid direct sunlight. The right time is before 9 am, after 3 pm, or when the sun is covered with clouds.

6. Avoid photos of children running

Unless you have a good camera and master the techniques for regulating shutter speed and other techniques, avoid photographing children who are running. Especially if you use a smartphone camera with limited speed, it is almost certain to produce an image that is out of focus and blurry due to movement.

For active children, use continuous or burst mode or sports scene mode. Naturally, children like to move and sleep if asked to be calm and quiet. Just let them move freely and not too direct the force or suppress it.

7. Keep Focus and Wait for Moments!

Don't rush to press the camera shutter button or cellphone, be patient to wait for the right moment to take photos. While waiting, use the face tracking feature on a smartphone or press the shutter or on a digital camera half-press the shutter button to lock the focus on children and press fully when they laugh or other actions.

8. Do Silly Movements

Babies certainly cannot be arranged with words. Likewise, children who are sometimes difficult to be asked to smile or say "cheese" when going to be photographed. For that, do not be too "jaim" to act silly so that the child will give a cheerful and tickling smile and laugh to get a good photo.

9. Composition: Eyes at the top

Try to get photos with the eyes at the top. Because if the focus box is in the middle, photos are often found with the composition of the eye in the middle of the photo, while the chest is cut off and the top is empty. And often also the empty part filled with other people's activities in the background that is not desirable.

Unless you want a certain effect and angle, align the camera position with the eye. This is because the height of the child is certainly much lower than my friend. So that the body looks proportionate (head no bigger than the rest of the body), take photos in a bent, crouching, sitting or lying position.

10. Enjoy and Learn Every Snap

It is common in the digital age that we often indulge in shoots because we don't need to think about camera capacity or battery strength. To get the best results from time to time, learn from each photo taken either by considering the results before pressing the shooter or paying attention to the results after the picture is taken.

Those are some Photographic Techniques of Photographing Children and Babies for the Best Results. Friend have other tips? Write in the comment box to share. Hopefully it can help my friend get the best children's photos and can be exhibited to social media or to storage media "eternal form" unforgettable unforgettable memories.

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