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4 Best Tips Photos of Children and Babies to be Remembered Forever | Taking photos of children is very popular! just try my friend to pay attention to your friends who are married, have new children, nieces, or grandchildren, often using photos of toddlers as profile photos on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, BBM, WhatsApp, Line and many others. Good photos together with children under five, some children under five, rollicking with toddlers, and even only toddlers (babies under five years old) themselves.

The phenomenon of showing off photos of children also occurs in Indonesian artists such as Jesica Iskandar, Graceful, Arumi Bachin. Even the childbirth of Ashanty's child, Ayu Dewi, and other celebrities was broadcasted in a way live on national television.

4 Best Tips Photos of Children and Babies to be Remembered Forever
Cute & Adorable Baby Photos | Image © Pixabay

Maybe it's because of innocent facial expressions, free behavior, fast development, tickling and "inviting laughter" laughter, and everything in toddlers is funny and adorable, which makes it always interesting to be immortalized.

Photographing children under five, especially is relatives or children themselves are not only exciting, but also important. As the best moments of the history of child development, save a beautiful memory of a moment, and certainly a recording of images of child development from day to day, month to month, and year to year. Which in time when reopened will become a collection of albums that will always invite the most beautiful memory in life.

The following are some of the best simple tips for producing photos or videos of toddlers who will be remembered for all time.

1. Put aside Photography Techniques, Record every moment!

Forget all photography knowledge friend! A good photo is not always produced by "photography technique guidelines to produce the perfect picture", because actually an unforgettable memorable moment is more valuable than all of them! One meaning of a story from a photograph means more than "material quality" and "photographic technique."

2. Take a picture with the camera you have

Don't wait for the money to be collected to buy a digital dslr camera or a pocket digital camera that is expensive and never bought! Just take advantage of the camera phone that you have, especially now the camera is a "mandatory feature" on all phones, almost no cellphone without a camera!

No matter whether it is a smartphone (with the operating system Android, Blackberry, IOS, Windows) or without an operating system (Nokia, Symbian), well-known or cheap quality brands (Samsung, Blackberry, iPhone, LG, OPPO, Lenovo, Xiaomi, Nexus, Nexus, cross, advan, mito), and any "megapixel" camera quality (40Mp, 20Mp, 13Mp, 10Mp, 8Mp, 5Mp, 3Mp, 2Mp, up to 0.3 Mp)! Believe it or not, photos with very low quality that is only 0.3 Mp and taken with "old school battered batty" will be the best photo for children if they record certain moments in their lives.

3. Portrait of Child Development

Take a picture or record all the important moments of child development! first bottle of milk, when playing with action figure naruto owned, first time eating, a moment of child development (prone, crawling, crawling, walking, talking, sick, haircut, marriage, birthday celebration, etc.), the first bicycle, the first time cycling, and all other moments according to buddy it is important to be immortalized.

4 Shoot Every day

Take photos regularly every day, and believe that in the future children, friends themselves, or others will be interested in opening the photo album sheet, and among the photos there must be the best photo. However, do not also over in taking pictures, always consider the quality of the photo.

Thus four of the best tips WebKeren.Net so my friend can produce photos of toddlers who will be remembered forever. Also read the Photographic Technique of Photographing Toddlers for Best Results so that the photos of babies and children you take are getting cooler. Also WebKeren.net article entitled "Welcome to the Smartphone Photography Era!" In the form of reading recommendations that need to be listened to. Hope you can help my friend who is looking for a child photography guide, and happy working.

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