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7 Cool Tricks of Smart Smartphone Photography! | Most people take photos with their smartphones today, but most people are not very creative in using the objects around them to make the photos more interesting. Even though only by using glass, cardboard, binoculars, or aluminum foil, the shots from a cellphone camera will get the best results that are better, cooler.

Here are some cell phone photography tricks from Lorenz Holder that are brilliant and creative that you can follow to get the perfect shot. Even though these cellphone photography tips use the iPhone 5S, they can also be used on most smartphones.

1. Taking Panorama Photos "Panodash"

7 Cool Tricks of Smart Smartphone Photography!
Panorama Photos "Panodash" | Image © lorenzholder.com

Use panorama mode to get super-wide landscape images! If you use a model, you can also ask the model to occupy a different position, which will produce a whole picture with the model in several places and also a different style but taken in one run. shoot only, without the editing process! The trick, when my friend rotates the camera and has passed the model, the model moves against the camera rotation and is in another position and another style, and so on. This trick is called Lorenz as "Panodash"Button.

2. Taking Panorama Photos "Pano-drive-by"

7 Smartphone Photography Tips
Panorama Photos "Pano-drive-by" | Image © lorenzholder.com

If you feel tired while in the car, try to take photos Pano-drive-by. The method is very simple, just activate the panorama mode and take photos while the car is running (keep the camera steady)!

3. Use Binoculars for "Super Zoom" Lenses

Have you ever wanted to take pictures that are very far away or want to get detailed subject photos with a cellphone camera? Yes, my friend can do it with binocular! Simply place the binocular in front of the camera lens, and take it shoot!

7 Brilliant Tricks of Mobile Photography that Are Brilliant!
Binoculars for "Super Zoom" Lenses | Image © lorenzholder.com

4. Drops of Water for Macro Lens Replacement

7 Cool Brilliant Mobile Photography Tricks!
Drops of Water for Macro photos | Image © lorenzholder.com

Most people immediately think of buying an attachable macro lens that can be added to a smartphone to capture small photo subjects. In fact, enough to dribble a little water into the lens is able to take macro photos.

5. Use the Auto Glass Shade as a Reflector

7 Cool Tips for Brilliant Mobile Photography!
Car Windshield Shading as a Reflector | Image © lorenzholder.com

Creative friend can use Car Windshield as a reflector when taking photos potraits. The results will be amazing!

6. Use Cardboard as a Tripod and Headset as a Shooter Cable

Friend, you can use the cardboard to be shaped as a tripod! also use the volume button on the headset as a shooter. Cheaper selfies without tongsis and tomsis!

7 Creative Tricks of Mobile Photography
Cardboard Tripod and Headset Shooter | Image © lorenzholder.com

7. Use a Glass to Shoot Underwater

To get the underwater photo effect, use a glass to protect the smartphone from water. Easy, cheap, cool!

You can visit the Lorenz Holder Photographer website at the following address; http://lorenzholder.com/. Clearer and more complete photography tricks, buddy can see in the following video:

(embed) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fTz4Nhgm_SQ (/ embed)

That is, creativity makes everything possible and very cheap. What do you think friend? write in the comments column to share with all of us. And, good luck!

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