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Creativity is an important thing in mobile photography, with the results of the picture will be better, varied, interesting, cool, and of course quality. And sometimes, to broaden the variety and quality of image results, additional equipment is needed. Although to get it costs, my friend will be satisfied after getting the best picture results.

Enhance the Creativity and Quality of Mobile Photography with this Tool!
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1. Use a Tripod & Monopod

You can improve the stability of smartphone photography by using a tripod or monopod as well as a DSLR or pocket camera. With the help of this "buffer" my friend can think of optimizing and improvising other photos rather than just being frustrated with the results of broken / messy photos.

If you want to really maximize the quality of smartphone photography, use Trippod and Monopod!


Tripod has a great stabilization function to take shoot at slow shutter speeds. There are various types of mobile tripods on the market with a small size and portable that makes you always be able to take him anywhere. A tripod can enhance your photography skills by taking photos from impossible angles.

If you already have a tripod for ordinary digital cameras, you just need to add phone holder additions that can support a cellphone on an ordinary tripod. But once the disadvantages, tripod flexibility is minimal because of the size of a large standard camera tripod. It's a good idea to consider a small tripod that's flexible and easy to carry to be able to take pictures anytime (shoot on-the-go).

With a cell phone that is stably positioned on a tripod, you will be able to take the best photos in any situation, and will see many advantages in low-light situations where camera movement is very detrimental. Once you have it, a tripod is also the only thing needed to turn your cellphone into a very reliable camera.

Monopod / Tongsis

"Tongsis (Narcissistic Stick)" is a popular nickname of the monopod. With tongsis you can take selfies with friends and be more fun. The shape resembles a stick about 1 meter long adjustable (can be shortened and extended), and there is a smartphone buffer at the end. Tongsis is extremely advanced self portrait from a distance that's perfect for selfies with many variations of shooting angles (angel of view) as top angle, low angle, frontal and others.

2. Use an External Lens Attachable

Creativity in Quality Photography Mobile Zoom Lens

Fisheye or wide photo style has been known since the era of SLR cameras, but the price of the lens is expensive enough to drain the bag. But along with the development of technology, now my friend can produce images fisheye use a smartphone.

To get more varied results from a cell phone camera, try buying a lens attachable. This tool will provide special effects such as macro images, fish eyes, and now also a wide angel that offers a wider angle of view than the smartphone's default lens.

With the help of an additional lens, my friend will get a variety of photo effects such as Fish Eye, Stretch, Macro Close-up, Soft Lense, Polorizer, Starburst, Vignette, Image Mirage, Star / Antique Filter, and others. You can even add a superzoom lens that is widely available. Its small size and very easy to use make us able to get results like a professional camera with no large costs. What you need to do is just take a picture as usual using the lens.

3. Use an External Flash

Smartphone smartphone external flash

Buddy can also improve the quality of smartphone photography in an extreme state of low light by using an external flash such as iBlazer, Lightstrap, and others. Yes, my friend is very fortunate to live in the era of sophisticated smartphones, where there are already external flash lights designed specifically for tablet PCs and smartphones with iOS and Android operating systems.

Mobile photography is increasingly unlimited! External flash for smartphones extreme increases the ability of the front camera, enabling photographing in style strobist , and with an additional extension cable allows you to play lighting effects like a professional photographer with a DSLR camera!

Remarkably, this external flash is specifically designed for mobile phones, so the size is small and can be taken wherever my friend goes. The price is much cheaper when compared to a flash dslr, the cheapest dslr flash is equivalent to five smartphone flash!

One flash option is iblazr. Square shaped with four LED lights with 200 mAh rechargeable battery power (1000 shoot / 40 minutes video usage in a single charge) claimed to emit light 10 times brighter than the iPhone's internal flash. Its use is very easy, plug the iblazr into the 3.5mm audio jack port and it can be used immediately. If it's still not bright enough, you can add a splitter so you can use multiple iblazers.

4. Use the Remote

Remote makes it easy to take photos, unlimited distance and narrow gaps!

5. Waterproof Case

waterproof android camera

As the name implies, case anti (waterproof) this water enables mobile photography in water (under water)! Interesting moments or scenes such as coral on the seabed, swimming turtles, or just taking photos of children swimming are easier and cheaper.

Take photos while swimming, snorkeling, even diving certainly make a vacation or traveling more fun!

What you need to consider is the quality of the case you chose. Consider well the quality, not to the poor quality that can result in smartphone damage due to water intake.

Thus the article titled Enhance the Creativity of Mobile Photography with this Tool !, hopefully can make hunting photos with a mobile camera are more fun. Buddy can also participate by typing in the comments column about the mobile photography enhancements and their functions not yet contained here.

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