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Best Free Music Download Application on Android | There are many applications to listen to songs or music for free on Android cellphones, such as Spotify, Rdio, Rhapsody, Soundcloud or Pandora. Even if you have unlimited or unlimited internet quota, you can listen to the most popular music that is trending through YouTube for free, and in many videos there is also an option to keep videos to be accessed offline.

However, what if your internet connection is limited? both by quotas, networks, or others, basically you don't want to listen to music through streamed, because listening to music offline according to you is the best choice?

Here is a list of the best free applications on Android phones to download music that WebKeren.Net takes from androidpit.

Disclaimer: all of these applications are able to download files from the internet for free both legal and illegal. Always make sure that what you download is Creative Commons / Copyleft permission before downloading MP3s.

Music Download Paradise

Music Download Paradise is an application that makes it easy for you to search your music database copyleft. Indeed it looks very simple and tends not to be interesting, my friend can only find the search field, download list and library. This is not just a drawback, but can also be an advantage because it looks like "music download center. "

But with the application that is given the name "paradise for downloading music", you can listen streamed music at the same time can also download music files to listen to at your leisure later. How to download music with this application is very easy, my friend will immediately get used to the first time using it. While Streaming Songs will appear with the music player widget in your notification.

Like other music applications, you can also transfer .mp3 files to other gadgets such as Iphone, iPod, blackberry, nokia, or PC, computer and laptop.

Music Download Paradise appears simple with very useful features: streaming music and downloading songs.


The RockMyRun Android Music download application allows you to downloaddownload it or cached music for offline playback, which is just as good (and less likely to be in gray jurisdiction).

Find DJs and genres that you like with RockMyRun. RockMyRun deserves the title "best apps for downloading music via android phone & tablet"because it provides an awesome DJ Mix playlist for practice soundtrack which is very good. Buddy can also adjust BPM to heartbeat, filter the length of the playlist that perfectly matches the exercise or utilize the myBeat feature to automatically change songs to match the current mood.

There's no better music than a song that was built specifically with DJ Mixes that suits your style and mood!

Download Manager for Android

Download Manager for Android is one of the most popular Android applications of similar applications. Although not built specifically for audio, downloading MP3s is very easy and fast with this free application. There is a special music section for finding the track you want, and that's important for speed too.

The appearance of Download Manager for Android may not be captivating, but Download Manager for Android provides a great way to download music for free. Even worthy of being dubbed as "best android app free for downloading music"because this application claims to be able to download files up to three times faster than other applications

This application also comes with its own integrated web browser and audio player! This is a great solution as all-in-one apps to download free music.

Advanced Download Manager

The advantage of Advanced Download Manager is that it allows you to download three files simultaneously including MP3 and MP4 from websites or sites. It includes a number of different settings so that the way files are downloaded can be adjusted, including limiting the maximum download speed (so you don't use too much bandwidth), and the number of simultaneous downloads. This feature also provides very fast download speeds.

The browser in this application does not provide features for search the song is free, but with a little effort to find the desired song yourself, the process of downloading songs that is fast and can be adjusted will be more fun.

Google Play Music

Google Play Music in certain countries is one of the main applications for downloading music that can be found on the Google Play Store. Overseas Google Play Music also includes a favorite application that is considered Google's market for music on Android, which also regularly offers free songs and albums for download.

However, in Indonesia itself until now has not been able to enjoy these features to the full. Google Play Music is nothing more than a music player (although it is included in the list of the best Android Music Player Applications).

To maximize the features of Google Play Music, maybe you should do a little trick. Namely by changing the country on android settings (although itself also has never tried it, only never heard of it). On another occasion, you will find out how and share it again with all of you.


This application or software software can be used to download Indonesian and foreign pop songs (Korean, Japanese, Western) or according to the type of song (spiritual songs, classical, dangdut, karaoke, disco, clubbing, pop like jkt48, greenday, erul, kostenlos, lyrics complete lyrics, paranoid radiohead) quickly using cellphones. Donlod songs can also be used as telephone ringtones or android sms notifications.

What is your favorite application to download songs on your Android smartphone? Listed or not? Thus, it may be useful for my friend who is looking for the Best Free Music Download Application on Android.

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