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This morning WebKeren.Net was "shocked" by the notification of the 6th President tweeting of Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY) from Twitter. Indeed the Twitter account WebKeren.Netfollow @SBYudhoyono account, but how can the notification of incoming tweets without mentioning the @WebKerenDotNet Twitter account from @SBYudhoyono?

Twitter Notification without Mentions
Screenshot of Twitter Notification without Mentions

Here are the tweets related to Twitter Notification without Mentions:

This makes WebKeren.Net try to find out by googling using the keywords "Twitter Notification without Mention" with quotes or not, and "Twitter notification without mentioning", but haven't met the expected answers.

This is very interesting, because the advertising facilities on the Twitter application though, have never been given a notification like this.

Possible Twitter Notifications Without Mention

Therefore WebKeren.Net can only guess or guess, a number of possible causes, namely:

  1. There are premium facilities from Twitter to be able to "give notification of certain Twitter account tweets without mentioning to followers"
  2. Twitter considers the @SBYudhoyono account a special Twitter account, because the account is indeed a verified account, especially in the tweet so it feels the need to give notifications to the account followers.
  3. Twitter system error.

What do you think about Twitter Notifications without Mentions? Do you know how the process happened and the cause? or just guessing like WebKeren.Net does? Please write in the comment box provided below to share your knowledge.

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