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Troubleshooting "The site doesn't comply with Google policy" | After experiencing repeated rejections in the adsense listing process, finally WebKeren.Net arrived at the refusal on the grounds "The site has not complied with Google's policies".

Luckily, the e-mail was the "last disapproval" (after overcoming this it was successfully received by non-hosted Google Adsense). Here is a piece of the incoming email:

…… your site does not comply with Google AdSense policies or webmaster quality guidelines ……

In full, there are webmaster quality guidelines and AdSense program policies that can be a guide for you in dealing with this rejection problem. However, maybe you, including, find it difficult, in what part of your blog or website "does not comply with Google policy." Then will share experiences about possible causes and ways to overcome / reject AdSense solutions by saying "The site does not comply with Google policy"

Solving problem

Possible causes "The site does not comply with Google policy"

There are various possibilities that are the reason for refusing an application to become an AdSense publisher on the grounds that "the site does not comply with Google's policies". After listening carefully and browsing to several forums and websites, here are some reasons why your blog was rejected for this reason:

  1. Organic traffic is still minimal. That is, the traffic or the source of the arrival of your blog visitors is still a little that comes from a google search.
  2. There are many links or links on blogs that are incorrect. Good because there are posts that are deleted or because of other things.
  3. There is also anchor text alt and title on link which is considered Google does not match the contents of the destination link.
  4. Influence template / friend using a custom blogger template, not the default blogger template.

Some ways to resolve "Site doesn't comply with Google policy"

Based on the reasons / causes that have been mentioned, here are some steps you can take to overcome them.

  1. Register and verify the blog to Google Webmaster. Also register your blog or website to search engine webmasters Bing, Yandex, or other search engine webmasters who make blogs indexed and enter the search list.
  2. Submit the url to Google Webmaster to speed up the indexing process by Google.
  3. Fix links on broken blogs. The trick, check the broken link using Google Webmaster or by using other tools. Buddy just search on Google with the keyword "fix broken blog links", or wait for WebKeren.Net to finish the article: D.
  4. To solve the third problem is quite complicated, especially if your blog already has a lot of posts. Because you have to manually check all the links in all the posts that you have made. What should be checked is whether the anchor text (the text displayed on the link) is in accordance with the intended link (for best results, include the full or minimum title is a fragment of the title). While for alt and title all links should be deleted, because WebKeren.Net has no instructions about it. Also, don't put too many links in your posts. Instead, put only two to five internal links.
  5. The last step is to reuse the default blogger template. Choose the one that you feel is the way you want, and it is recommended to use a simple, proportional layout and bright colors. Or, if you "feel proud" to go back to using the default blogger template, you might consider using the Responsive Blogger Default Modification Template.
  6. Also add the following widgets: blog archives, popular posts, and labels. Also add the contact widget but it is hidden, and create a static contact page (read: How to Create a Contact Page).

Note: This article is written based on personal experience, so it is possible that it will be different from the problem you get. For the purpose of understanding the context of the article in its entirety and in full, my friend can read the post How to Register Google Adsense Non Hosted In Order to Be Received in Full Approve.

Such is the WebKeren.Net experience on How to Resolve "This site does not comply with Google's policies" issue. What do you think buddy? Is this article helpful enough, or do you do other ways? Or do you even feel that the steps WebKeren.Net has taken are wrong? Share it by writing it in the comments column so that all are helped in the process of registering non-hosted adsense.

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