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The term "Difficult Site Navigation" is probably the most used term by Google Adsense. See, if you do a search through the Google search engine with the keyword "Difficult Site Navigation" will surely find many answers related to the Google Adsense program.

Even if my friend is reading this article, must be trying to find a way to be accepted as a google adsense partner. Webkeren.Net (when this article was written) has not yet been received by the application.

Overcome Rejected Adsense Lists

Before reading further, my friend needs to know that this article is a continuation of a series of articles that are incorporated in one theme, namely How to Register Google Adsense Non Hosted for Full Approve Acceptance Fast. So it's good friend start reading from the article to understand the entire contents of this article.

Explanation of Difficult Site Navigation Problems

The following is an e-mail snippet that WebKeren.Net received about not receiving a request to upgrade the Google AdSense version from hosted (YouTube) to non-hosted.

… we find your site difficult to navigate. …..

Actually in terms of words, an explanation of the refusal is clear. The site or blog is rejected because adsense considers blog content difficult to explore by visitors, which is then detailed on navigation issues; site redirection, to read content must be logged in first (access is restricted), link or broken link, dialer, pop-ups (keywords) are excessive, and the page is being created or hasn't been launched.

However, many people, including WebKeren, find it quite difficult to find the right solution to overcome them. But with a little willpower, a lot of searching, and efforts to improve, finally WebKeren made it through this "adsense hurdle".

How to Overcome Adsense Rejection: "Difficult Site Navigation"

After finding out, which also through the Google search engine, WebKeren encountered several unique things that turned out to affect whether or not a blog or site was received by the AdSense program. Some ways to overcome "difficult site navigation" are as follows (you can choose which one suits the conditions, but once it's good you also try everything so as not to repeatedly register but still fail).

1. Create Pages Disclaimer, Privacy Policy, Contact, Table of Contents, and About

First three pages (disclaimer, privacy policy and Contact) according to many "blog experts" (based on the results of googling) is mandatory that must be present on blogs that want to be registered with the AdSense program. Meanwhile, for the Table of Contents and About, actually there is not much to advocate (it tends to be absent), but WebKeren.Net feels that it also needs to be made to facilitate visitors in exploring the entire contents of the website.

To make a disclaimer and privacy policy, you can make it with generators that are widely available on the internet. Just type the keyword "Disclaimer Generator"on a google search. While to create a table of contents and contacts already WebKeren, Net write in How to Create a Table of Contents or sitemap Blog and How to Make a Contact Page on Blogspot.

2. Place the Pages on the Top Menu or on the Menu

Although there are no clear instructions or instructions regarding the location of these important pages, based on WebKeren.Net's experience, the best location is on the menu (between head and post). Because when put in footer, WebKeren.net gets this rejection (although as you have encountered many sites that also become adsense publishers put these pages in the footer).

3. Add Archive Widgets, Popular posts, and labels (categories)

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