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To be an adsense publisher is arguably tricky. Because there are also those that are quickly granted even though there are few new articles and minimal traffic, but there are also many articles and high traffic but have not been approved.

Troubleshooting Articles "Copyright material" is part of the experience sharing when doing an upgrade Youtube adsense account (hosted) to a blog with a TL (non hosted) domain in the article titled How to Register for Non-Hosted Google Adsense To Be Received Quickly Full Approve. It is recommended that you start from that post so you understand the context of this article.

Adsense Register Rejection Solution

Google really values ​​copyright, including digital copyright (DMCA). Then the adsense program is also not allowed the existence of publishers who violate copyrights. The following is a snippet email snippet because the content is considered to still contain copyrighted material:

…………. your website contains copyrighted material.
……. delete all copyrighted material …, then resubmit the application …..

Possible Cause of "Copyrighted Material" Issues

As also included in the rejection email, my friend must comply with the AdSense program policies regarding copyright to the contents of the content. Simply put, on your blog there are pictures, links, or precisely the text that comes from other sites.

Or it could be your blog containing hacking or cracking content. It can also contain instructions or equipment to illegally access or make changes to software, servers or websites that provide cheats on multiplayer games or explain tricks that make it easy for users to violate the terms and conditions of the online gaming community.

Solution to resolve the "Copyrighted Material" Problem

Before discussing solutions to resolve this "copyright material" problem, you MUST watch the video about copyright, made by Google Adsense below.

(embed) (/ embed)

According to WebKeren.Net experience, this problem can be overcome by taking the following steps.

  1. Delete all the pictures that you didn't make yourself (also the pictures you took from gugling, even though they were edited). Obviously, it's better not to use pictures at all than to use images but not the work itself.
  2. Delete all articles with low originality, or even just copy and paste results (copy paste) articles from other sites. Buddy can check it manually at or use plagiarism checker.
  3. Remove the download link, even though it's actually official. WebKeren.Net doesn't know either (don't understand yet), how to put the download link allowed by Google Adsense policy. Because even though the download link on the WebKeren.Net blog is to the Google Play Store, it has also followed the instructions as loaded in Android Brand Guidelines. Still it was rejected, which forced WebKeren.Net to delete all download links.

    Strangely, even though there is still one download link out (for example in the post modification of the Sugeng Mas 2015), the WebKeren.Net blog has been approved as an Adsense publisher. If you don't want to bother (as does WebKeren.Net, too), just delete all the download links on all articles.

  4. To avoid copyright claims, in quoting statements or images from social media (such as Twitter and Instagram) you should use the facility embedded provided. The trick, click the menu on the tweet on Twitter or images on Instagram >> select embedded >> copy code >> paste it in to blog post (in HTML mode).
  5. Also delete articles related to operating system modifications. In the case of WebKeren.Net, the Cust * m Rom Android post was forced to be removed, even though it was appearing on the first page of google: '(.

Such is the WebKeren.Net experience regarding how or the solution to the problem "material has copyright". How, does this make it easy for you to list adsense, or are there other ways that haven't been written here? Fill in the comments column below

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