What Are Nurtured Earth Organics?

Nurtured Earth Organic gardening is an all natural way to grow plants without using chemical fertilizers and pesticides. This means no synthetic fertilizer or pesticide waste is dumped into the soil, no soil tilling is required, no harmful chemicals are used during planting, no weeds are fed to the plants and no toxic weed killers are used on the plants until the they have established themselves. This type of gardening is actually considered the purest form of gardening. By using these types of methods, the gardener is able to build stronger relationships with their plants for a longer and healthier garden.

Nurtured earth organics – The gardener is able to build stronger relationships with their plants

Nurtured Earth Organics is composed of many different types of organic matter that has been formed in the soil over centuries. It consists of recycled food packaging, newspaper, wood chips, and many other natural products. All of these products are from living organisms that make it into the soil in the form of clippings, peat, root rings, and other naturally occurring material. All of these products will work very well with your plants, no matter what you choose to plant.

When deciding which plants would go best with your garden, try to determine whether you plant them with soil that has been organically built up, or if you want to add some organic matter through plant foods. Both options will be beneficial to your plants. Always check with a local nursery to see what type of plants are available in your area. You may find that there are a few species that you will have to look at specializing for certain plants that will thrive in your climate.