Piano Technician – Learn About This Exciting Profession

A piano technician is someone who undertakes to repair or make any changes to a piano, in order to perfect its playing and tone. The technical term for piano technician is ‘piano tuner’ and ‘repairman’. Piano tuning is the act of fixing the pitch of a piano so it is in tune with the rest of the ensemble. The literal meaning of the word ‘in tune’, in terms of piano tuning, isn’t just a certain fixed set of scales.

Piano Technician – Learn About This Exciting Profession

There are many piano technicians out there who are qualified in a number of different ways, including traditional training from an education institute, qualifications at a music school, or experience from working directly under someone else who is a qualified piano technician. The vast majority of piano technicians have a formal education, having either attended music classes at college or university, and having completed a classical guitar or keyboard course. Many piano technicians work as freelancers and make a living as a performer, writer, performer, studio manager or teacher. There are many famous names attached to this profession, which include John Entwistle, Guy Chamberlin, Paul McCartney, Paddy King, Yngwie Malmsteen and John Williams. The profession also provides opportunities for young people to learn the craft of playing an instrument, as well as their art.

In the age of modern technology and innovations, repairs are no longer simply made to bring back a damaged piano to a playable state. Many times, piano repair and maintenance consists of tuning the piano to a standard that has been agreed upon by a pianist and his or her piano technician colleagues, so that each piano technician has a known and accepted range of notes that can be used to tune different pianos. Repairs can be made to the soundboard, the hammers or the action of the strings, as well as the woodwork (piano tops and body, and the like). Playing the piano is a pleasurable experience for everyone involved, and piano technicians have an important role to play in making this experience that much more enjoyable.

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