Purpose of Land Surveys and What Are They Used For?

The land surveys are a very important process of property valuation. The process involves estimating the value of land by measuring and recording its measurements, and also determining its boundaries, easements, mineral rights, flood policy, and easements on neighboring lands. This estimation of the value of the property is carried out by collecting information from public records like building surveys, local land surveys, survey registers and county books.

Land surveys -A very important process of property valuation

The public official responsible for taking land surveys must have specialized knowledge in engineering, surveying and architectural principles to carry out the job properly. The procedure of taking land surveys begins with the submission of a formal request for the surveyor, who then inspects the property and takes the required measurements. He prepares a report based on these measurements and submits it to the authorized authority. If the land surveyor finds any error or defect in the report, he should inform the authorized authority and the cause should be given in due course. The land surveyor also prepares maps of the property that are used for valuation and decides whether the boundaries of the property should be recorded or not.


Once the land surveys are completed and approved by the authorities, they may need to be registered. Land surveys are typically registered by the government agencies. The first thing to do after purchasing a new house is to search for a land surveyor. You may need to do this for both new homes and resale lots. Searching for a land surveyor takes time but it will save money and you will get a professionally done report.